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©Cid Miranda

Quarkus, the Supersonic Subatomic Java, is a Java stack crafted from the best of breed Java libraries and standards.

I’m assuming you have Java, eclipse IDE and Apache maven installed.

Open terminal, and paste the following:

mvn io.quarkus:quarkus-maven-plugin:1.13.2.Final:create \
-DprojectGroupId=com.b2wdigital \
-DprojectArtifactId=hello-quarkus \
-DclassName=”com.b2wdigital.helloquarkus.HelloResource” \
cd hello-quarkus

©Cid Miranda

First, we need to install docker, i am using ubuntu 20.04.

sudo snap install docker

Download the storm docker image:

sudo docker pull storm

Apache Zookeeper is a must for running a Storm cluster. Start it first. Since the Zookeeper “fails fast” it’s better to always restart it.


Open source distributed realtime computation system

©Cid Miranda

Storm is a distributed, real-time computational framework that makes processing unbounded streams of data easy.

Storm can be integrated with your existing queuing and persistence technologies, consuming streams of data and processing/transforming these streams in many ways.


A Storm topology is a graph of…

©Cid Miranda

Hi, in this article i will share how to resize a volume in AWS, with no downtime. This apply to cassandra, kafka, solr, zookeeper, as we tested before.

First, we have to identify what partition to resize. Access “volumes” menu in aws ec2:

Cid Miranda

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